Welcome to Barex Biochemical Products

Barex Biochemical Products was founded in 2006 and is located in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. Barex is engaged in research & development, production and sales of sperm cell preservation media and their biochemical ingredients that are used to preserve sperm cells of domestic animals such as horses, cows, swines, sheep, goats and rabbits.

Barex's first product was Porex, a mixture of proteins, that is being used as an essential ingredient for an innovative swine semen preservation medium, that was launched in 2006.  Since then, several other new products that prolong the storage capacity of semen preservation media and that increase fertility have been developed and introduced successfully. Our swine and rabbit semen preservation media are now sold by major companies that are regarded as world leaders in the area of animal reproduction. Our most recent innovative product is a group of polymers that, when added to the medium, increase fertility. This group of polymers, collectively named Matrix, is being applied succesfully since 2012.

Apart from our ongoing research on preservation media for semen of other species such as cows and turkeys,  Barex's current major research focus is the development of stallion semen preservation media.


A new and exciting development is the initiation of own large-scale production of semen preservation media using Barex's proprietary methods and equipment. Now, Barex produces its own semen preservation media, such as our succesfull rabbit semen preservation medium LEPEX and the new stallion semen preservation medium Hippex.